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Go to the Admin menu and click on Users

From here you can manage who can access your Connect website.

The image below contains current users that have access to Connect website, displaying details of the user‟s role, the group they belong to and their language and time zone settings. Use the search function to quickly find a specific user (1).

Update or delete existing user

To edit or delete an existing user, select the "Actions" button on the right hand side of the user (2), then select which aspect you wish to change. Make the required changes and click on Save.

  • Delete: will delete existing user
  • Change full name: update full name of the user
  • Language: determines the Connect website language for this user
  • Role: set role for this user
  • Group: assign the group attached to this user. The Hierarchy level limits the view of vehicles for the user.
  • Set timezone: set timezone
  • Unit preferences: set Distance, Fuel, Fuel Consumption and Speed parameters for the user
  • Change email address: change user's email address
  • Reset password: reset password for the user. An email will be sent to the email address set up for this user

Create a new user

To add a new user press the ‘create’ button and fill in the box that appears including giving him a role, and which groups within the site they can see. You can also adjust a number of other user settings, including their role and the group they have access to here.

Use combination of Roles (features) and Hierarchy (Access to Data sets) to control data access


  • User Name: although any User Name can be selected, we recommend using the users e-mail address
  • Full Name: users Full Name
  • Language: determines the website language for this user
  • Time zone: select Time Zone according to the user‟s location
  • Role: the level of access this user will have to the website features
  • Group: the Hierarchy level for this user to limit their view of vehicles.
Once created, an email is sent automatically to the user email address specified to finalise user registration and setup his password.

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