How do I make changes to my driver details?

Updated by Michael Smyth

Once the drivers have been set up on the MyConnected Fleet system, you will now be able to assign them to a vehicle, a driver key etc.

If you haven't set up the drivers yet, please follow this guide

Editing a Driver

  1. Select the settings Icon

(You will automatically be taken to the drivers tab)


  1. Search the driver name you would like to enter
  2. Click "Search"

  1. Click on "Actions"

  1. Enable as User: Setting the driver up with their own login
  2. Link to Existing User: Assigning the driver to an existing Username
  3. Change Name: Use to correct a Driver's name – Do not use for renaming to a new Driver
  4. Change Group: Assign a Driver to a different group
  5. Edit Vehicle: Permanently assign a Vehicle to a Driver if Driver ID is not used
  6. Edit Key: Assign the Drivers RFID Tag number if Driver ID is used
  7. Manage tags: To add tags to drivers
  8. Deactivate: Deactivating a Driver moves them to the "Show Deactivated Drivers‟ section at the top of your screen

In order to use the driving behaviour feature, drivers must be identified on the vehicles they drive. Thus, your drivers must use a MICHELIN Connected Fleet identification badge or be associated to a default vehicle.

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