Incident Management

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Incident Management:




What is Incident management

Incident management provides instant visibility of road incidents to gain better control over the associated costs and over the safety of your drivers.

How does it help?

Capture accurately the data around the incident for insurance claim and gives the driver the reassurance to be able to ask for assistance from HQ through an in-cab alert button.  For more information on the benefits please speak to your account manager.  

How does it work? 

Receive SMS/Email and geolocalised alerts and report as soon as an incident happens

Automated Detection: When our device measures an unusual g-force, it triggers an email/SMS with a detailed report listing the location and speed + g-force graph before/after

Driver Notification: Using the assistance request button on the in-cab device, drivers send an email / SMS notification including their name and position 

Is this for all vehicle types?

No, this offer is purely to our LCV and cars

How do I get access to Incident management? 

Speak to your account manager who can discuss this with you and help activate the service for you.    

Do I need additional hardware? 

Automated detection requires an M400 or M210 device.  Driver Notification requires the in-cab lightbar (IHM).  If you have questions around this, do not hesitate to get in touch with your account manager who will be happy to advise.  

Do you work with an incident management company? If so, who?  Could get this information directly? - saving time/ money & improving driver safety.

You can set up your accident management company to receive these notifications.  

All this could speed up the FNOL process, capping costs for the claim and managing the process from incident through to resolution as speedily and as efficiently as possible.

Auto detection



How are incidents detected?

When the following conditions are met; 

  • Vehicle ignition ON
  • G force greater than 3G
  • Vehicle is not moving 30 seconds after the incident

Will an incident be detected if my vehicle is hit when parked up? 

Incidents are only detected when specific criteria is met, an important one is that the ignition must be ON (so the tracking unit is active) 

I have been shunted at low impact, why hasn't this been detected?

Low impact incidents will not trigger notifications (less than 3Gs).  Please provide feedback to Masternaut if an incident occurs and you feel you should have been notified. Try to give us as much detail as possible so we can pinpoint the event. 

How accurate are the recordings and the alerts?

The threshold is set at incidents above 3G in terms of shock impact.  This is significant enough to minimise false alerts but also sensitive enough to record even low speed incidents which need reporting.

Driver Notification 



How is a driver notification detected?

When the in-cab driver notification button is pressed

What will I receive when the driver presses the button? 

Your nominated recipients will receive an SMS, and an email when the driver pressed the button.  

Setting up notifications



How do I setup recipients to receive an SMS or email?

Masternaut support team require mobile numbers and email addresses to be able to setup notifications, this needs to be provided at the deployment stage or with Masternaut customer services

How do I know who has been setup? 

You, as the admin requesting the changes, will receive a confirmation email detailing all the recipients setup.  

You need to confirm this is correct, as errors can result in emails and SMS not being received.

How do I change / remove who receives the SMS or email?

Please contact

How do my recipients know they have been added to the service? 

Each recipient will receive an SMS, email or both confirming they have been set up to receive notifications.  With details on how to stop notifications.  

Can I set it up so I do not receive notifications outside of work hours?

Notifications can be customised to send during work hours, out of working hours, or always.  

Work hours can be set, by days of the week and start and end time e.g. Mon to Fri 08:00 to 18:00

Can I receive only driver notifications? 

Yes, recipients can be set to receive notifications for 1) driver notifications, 2) automated detection or 3) both

Can I receive notifications just for my vehicles? 

Yes, recipients can be set to receive notifications for all vehicle groups, or a single group.  

Why should I provide feedback on each incident?

Feedback is invaluable in continuously improving this product.  Results are fed into our machine learning algorithm to help with advanced pattern recognition using both true and false incidents feedback.  

In the email notification for each incident, the recipient will have a link to a 2 question survey, letting us know if it was genuine or false.  

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