Customer Service contact details

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United Kingdom

  • phone: 0113 281 4842
  • email:


  • phone (Northern): 0845 434 6142
  • phone (Southern): 01890 989 342
  • email:
General enquiries:
  • phone: 0113 281 4000
  • email:

Are you deploying your fleet? A dedicated team takes care of you! Please drop an email at or call us at 0113 385 3337

For technical questions or general enquiries (and quick answers) contact our Customer Service by going to the Customer Portal.


Request type

Log a problem about your telematic material, data on Connect, etc.

Raise a fault ticket

Questions about Connect settings, reports, training, contracts, accounting, etc.

Report an enquiry ticket

We use new technologies to improve your experience but it’s always a pleasure to talk to you so keep ringing us if you prefer! Phone: 0113 281 4842

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