HGV Navigation

Updated by Matt Childs

HGV Navigation Feature On T&L Bundles


  • As part of the new MICHELIN Connected Fleet Transport and Logistics bundles, HGV navigation is included (as of 1st Sept 2022)
  • This feature allows operators to plan routes based upon their suitability for use by HGVs by being able to define dimensions (height, width, length and weight) along with cargo type (hazardous or non hazardous) and time of departure to factor in potential traffic.


  1. To access the HGV navigation feature - open up the MICHELIN Connected Fleet portal and select a vehicle from the list in the side toolbar.
  2. Once the vehicle is selected, click on the 3 icon on the vehicle details box - "Distance To"
  3. This opens a box which allows you customise the destination of the vehicle, and then add in the dimensions including weight, height, width, length and also the load type and time of departure. Then click on "Generate Route"
  4. The generated route will be the most appropriate route based upon all the parameters that you entered on the previous page.

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