CoPilot Account Manager - Further Support & Help

Updated by Matt Childs

Getting Support to Set up your Account

To help you manage your CoPilot account and your licenses, there are a series of articles listed below. Within each article a "How to" video is included to walk you through how to personalise or configure the CoPilot Navigation to meet your fleet's specific needs and requirements.

Click HERE to get further information on how to set up or add new users/licenses
To set up vehicle groups to manage your assets easier, click HERE
To add or assign assets to you list of users click HERE for more information
To find out how to keep your asset list up to date by adding or removing assets, click HERE
Using the Account Manager to track Apps and log ins click HERE
For help installing the driver app - click HERE
To manage, configure and create profiles click HERE
For guidance on managing the sets of maps issued to each profile, click HERE
To set up vehicle configurations, including preferences, dimensions and other information click HERE

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