Connected Cameras - Frequently Asked Questions

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Please note that installation of the cameras will involve drilling holes in the bodywork and/or interior of the applicable vehicle and MICHELIN Connected Fleet does not accept any liability insofar as such holes constitute damage to the vehicle.

If you have ordered a rear camera to be fitted to the rear number plate or a side camera then please note that these will remain installed (and will not be de-fitted) if you ever ask MICHELIN Connected Fleet to remove this equipment from the vehicle.

We do not defit DVS solutions. These will remain fitted to your vehicle if you request a defit of other equipment. Replacement kit can be purchased alongside your refit or Replacement Hardware Installation. Please speak to Customer Services if you have any questions.

FAQs for managers

I want to investigate a suspected incident, but I can’t see any events in MyConnectedFleet. Can I still access the footage?

Yes - you can head to the Autonomise platform to request the footage. However, camera devices have limited recording capacity, which means the footage will eventually be overwritten to make room for newer footage. Storage capacity varies depending on the bundle chosen.

Further development in progress to make it possible to request the footage directly from MyConnectedFleet, removing the need to visit the Autonomise platform. Speak to your account manager for more information.

How do drivers report an incident?

Unless otherwise agreed, there is an emergency button connected to the camera device within the cab which the drivers can use to manually report an incident. When pressed, the button will trigger a notification to the MyConnectedFleet user with a link to review the footage, which will cover the 5 seconds before and after the button is pressed. 

Further development in progress that will enable the driver to use the in-cab coach for reporting incidents.

Why are the events reported by my onboard telematics device (M400) and Cameras not always in sync?

Only ‘red-coded’ camera events that may require your immediate attention are reported in MyConnectedFleet, whilst Autonomise will show more events presumed to be less severe, such as harsh acceleration or harsh braking. In addition, the onboard telematics device and Cameras are different devices in different locations in the vehicle, therefore they have different reporting parameters.

Why do the speeds differ between what’s reported in the video footage and in the journey history in MyConnectedFleet?

The camera device and the onboard telematics device measure speed in different ways. The onboard telematics device is considered more accurate as it is directly connected to the vehicles on board CAN system, whilst the camera device relies on GPS to provide speed estimates.

How long is my video data held for?

You can find the recording capacity in the data retention policy agreed within your contract. As the footage is overwritten after this stated time period, it is recommended you download any videos you wish to keep for a longer period of time. You will be responsible for ensuring that the retention and use of any downloaded videos complies with data protection requirements.

Does MICHELIN Connected Fleet meet EU and UK data protection requirements?

Yes. MICHELIN Connected Fleet conforms to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), UK GDPR and to the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) which regulate the processing of personal data.

All data collected by our telematics units is stored within the United Kingdom or European Economic Area in data centres where MICHELIN Connected Fleet has full control of who has access to the data. MICHELIN Connected Fleet does not process or transfer data outside of the United Kingdom or European Economic Area.

How does MICHELIN Connected Fleet keep my data secure?

The data is stored within MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s own tier 3 data centres co-located between France and UK. Access to these data centres are restricted via role dependent positions and controls. MICHELIN Connected Fleet staff within these roles have been screened using internal and external verification methods.

Access is controlled by a layered access model, where access to the building requires two-factor authentication (Card and Pin), and employees who have been approved for Data Centre Access, use an additional two-factor authentication using biometric controls.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet does not transfer or process any information outside of the United Kingdom or European Economic Area and the system complies with the GDPR, UK GDPR and DPA. Governance, Policies and monitoring is in place to ensure MICHELIN Connected Fleet staff adhere to the relevant Security Policies. Additionally, the system's user profile access restrictions, allow your organisation administrators to authorise or restrict the visibility of the web features and the part of the fleet each user can see. Your organisation is responsible for defining those rules via the administration features.

How do I handle data requests from drivers and third parties?

As the data controller, it is essential that you set up your own internal processes to handle these types of requests, and to decide what data you will or will not disclose in response to a  request. If needed, MICHELIN Connected Fleet can assist in providing the relevant data as long as it is within the retention period stated in the data retention policy agreed within your contract. Data requested outside of this time period will no longer be available.

How accurate are your AI cameras?

Our AI cameras achieve a 90-95% accuracy rate, depending on the type of hazard detected and when installed & configured in accordance with our guidelines. As with any form of technology the cameras may, on occasion, not detect an event or report a false positive alert. Therefore it is advisable for further investigation of the footage to take place before any action is taken.

I need to replace a windscreen on a vehicle with AI Cameras installed, what should I do?

Once the windscreen is replaced, MICHELIN Connected Fleet will need to visit to refit and recalibrate the cameras correctly in the vehicle to ensure they continue to detect potential hazards and alert the driver correctly. Please note that this will be a chargeable service. To book the visit please contact Customer Services.

How much storage do I have on my device?

The recording capacity varies depending on the size and type of storage device that you have. In addition the recording capacity is an estimation using standard settings and is for guidance purposes only. Actual recording capacity may be affected by factors such as night time driving.

How to answer your drivers questions?

Below is some advice on how to respond to drivers' most frequently asked questions.

Why are you installing cameras in my vehicle?

The primary aim of the cameras is to ensure your safety whilst on the road. We will use the footage to better understand the circumstances behind road traffic incidents. This will help us to improve our driving training programmes. Where relevant, we will also share the footage with the insurance company in order to support insurance claims.

(If your setup includes cameras using artificial intelligence (AI)):

MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s Connected Cameras use artificial intelligence to detect potential hazards and help you avoid them. When a hazard is detected, the driver assistant device will provide you with visual and audible warnings, giving you time to adjust driving styles and help prevent accidents from happening.

Typical examples include : 

  • Forward collision warning
  • Headway monitoring
  • Signs of driver fatigue
  • Driver distractions
  • Smoking
  • Mobile phone use
What footage will be stored?

MICHELIN Connected Fleet MyConnectedFleet users can access footage of any part of the journey from the moment the ignition is on. They also receive an alert, and the associated footage, when an event is automatically detected by the sensor embedded in the camera, typically if events such as harsh braking or crashes are detected. Footage will include 5 seconds before and after the event for more context.

Can I report a hazard?

There is an emergency button on the camera in the cab, which, when pressed, will trigger a notification to the MyConnectedFleet user. This will contain a link to review the footage, including 5 seconds before and after the button is pressed.

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