Request an installation for a new vehicle

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Add Vehicles using the Customer Service Portal

The MICHELIN Connected Fleet Customer Portal can be accessed at or through MICHELIN Connected Fleet MyConnectedFleet using MyMICHELIN Connected Fleet link which can be found in the administration section.

Add vehicle cases should be selected only if this is a newly purchased solution. It allows you to register your vehicle into MICHELIN Connected Fleet customer portal and request dates to install the telematics solution you have purchased.

If the solution was de-fitted from another vehicle, please select the refit case type. Note that you must confirm the shipment of your telematics solutions first before you can raise an installation request (see previous chapter).

Please fill in the Contact Name (typically yourself). This will be the person who receives the email confirmation once the installation is scheduled. You will be able to specify whom our engineer should contact on the day of the installation later on.

Pick the correct solution to install. You can search by name, unit type, and address.

Type the registration or VIN of your vehicle into the search box and click Confirm to show detailed information about your vehicle.

If the vehicle is not found, click Enter Manually and enter the vehicle details

N.B. Providing the VIN number will help to speed up your request to pass to our booking team.

Please select up to 3 preferred dates for the installation and specify if the vehicle is available, All Day, AM, or PM. Please note that Saturdays may incur an additional charge. Contact MICHELIN Connected Fleet Deployment team for more information.

In the Where do you want the work to take place? section, please tell us if the installation will occur at the delivery address of the telematics solution or another site. Note that the telematics solution(s) must be on site and made available to the MICHELIN Connected Fleet engineer for the installation to be completed, otherwise cancellation charges will apply.

In the Who should we contact to schedule the work? section, please inform us who we should contact if we are unable to meet your preferred dates. They will also receive a confirmation when the appointment has been booked and we will contact them on the day of the installation should any problems arise on the day.

If you have any particular requirements (e.g., early AM, very late PM), please use the Additional Information section.

Click on the Save button to confirm the case. You will receive an email confirming that your request has been raised and another with the date and time of when the appointment has been scheduled. Please make your vehicle and installation equipment available for that time

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