Replacement Hardware Installation

Updated by Bob Medlin

Installation of a previously deactivated solution where Masternaut will install new hardware. 

Select the Replacement Hardware Installation case type then:

  1. Fill out the Contact Name, typically yourself, so we know who to contact if we need additional details and who to keep informed of our progress
  2. Select a previously deactivated solution 
  3. Enter a purchase order number in the Add purchase order details field
  4. Enter the vehicle registration you want to install the solution into. Upon clicking Confirm it will show detailed information about the vehicle. If the vehicle is not found please Enter Manually

  1. Provide the information needed to schedule the installation:
  2. Up to 3 preferred dates for the replacement hardware installation
  3. The address where the replacement hardware installation should happen 
  4. The contact to schedule the work

Use the Description section to provide us with further information on your request.

Once you click Save, the case will be sent through to our agents.

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