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Masternaut Connect has a built-in alert system that sends notifications or emails whenever an event occurs. Alerts help keep you informed about what's happening with your fleet. For example, the event can be anything from a driver exceeding the speed limit to a vehicle idling for too long.

Alert types available

Alert Type


Speed over X

Alerts when a vehicle is going faster than a specified limit.

Arrive/Leave Location

Alerts when a vehicle arrives at or leaves a specified location.

Drive Without Key

Alerts when a vehicle equipped with a Masternaut ID key reader is driven without the appropriate key.


Alerts when a vehicle performs an activity for a specified amount of time in a specified location. E.g. when a vehicle is idle for ten or more minutes at an airport.

Low Battery

Alerts when an ATU’s battery is lower than a specified percentage.


Alerts when an input or PTO event occurs. E.g. when a vehicle’s rear door opens.

Late Start Alert

Alerts when a vehicle fails to start its day before a specified time.


Alerts when a vehicle is idle for longer than a specified amount of time.

Stop Time

Alerts when a vehicle is stopped for longer than a specified amount of time.

Long Drive Time

Alerts when a driver exceeds a specified amount of driving time.

Advanced Input

Alerts when an event occurs on a device or partner IO. E.g. when a fuel gauge drops to a specified percentage or the temperature rises above a specified degree.

Create Alert

You can create a new alert by accessing  > Create Alerts.

Alerts can be seen in Connect through popup notifications, as well as sent by email and SMS

After choosing an alert type, do the following to set up an alert:

  1. Define the name of the alert and the recipients.
  2. Define the settings specific to the alert type.
  3. Define how often the alert is sent.

Alerts can be sent to multiple persons using the following notification methods : 

  1. Email
  2. Popup in Connect :  live in Connect or displayed the next time web users log in.
  3. SMS

SMS credit has to be purchased and used across the entire fleet rather than single vehicles, for example 30 SMS per vehicle across 10 vehicles will equate to a total 300 SMS per calendar month. You can view the remaining SMS credit and use so far by clicking on “SMS Usage Information” in Alert History. If you run out of credit, all Administrators will receive an email notification and no further SMS alerts will be sent. Please contact your account manage to purchase more credit. Unused credit cannot be rolled over to the next month

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