How to create a report

Updated by Bob Medlin

It may happens that you've lost a report generated by MyConnectedFleet and sent by email. You are able to generate it again.

Generate your report

Click on the Report Library menu, and locate your report.

Then click on Select button on the right. Click on View Report;

The report template is now displayed.

  1. Check and change if necessary the Resources, the Group and the Time Period.
  2. Click on View Report button. The result is your desired report.
  3. Click on the Export button to save it on your computer with the desired format

Check the report configuration

  1. Click on the Report Subscription menu, and locate your report.
  2. Click on the Action button Select on the right and choose Edit.

Verify that the email address, as well as the other inputted details are correctly registered.

If you continue to not receive the report, please contact the MICHELIN Connected Fleet Customer Service.

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