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What is Trailer Premium?

Trailer Premium is Michelin Connected Fleet's premium trailer solution that offers enhanced functionality to meet customers needs. This includes trailer geolocation, EBS and braking performance information and alerts and TPMS alerts and management to allow you to maximise your cost control savings and maintaining vehicle uptime

What is EBS?

EBS is Electronic Braking System. It is an electronic system that allows trailers to brake more efficiently and safely by controlling the brakes and/or suspension to aid brake performance and vehicle stability, reduce brake locking and notify of faults and issues with the brakes.

What is TPMS?

TPMS is Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. This is a sensor fitted to tyre assembly and measures the tyre pressure and creates an alert for changes in pressure and/or temperature to pre-empt potential breakdowns. There are a variety of TPMS set ups available, the Trailer Premium solution uses an internal TPMS sensor fitted to the rim.

What is Effitrailer?

Effitrailer is a Michelin Services and Solutions (SES) offer that precedes the Trailer Premium offer. Over the next few months, the Effitrailer customers with Michelin SES will be migrated across to a Trailer Premium package.

What types of vehicles can this solution be fitted to?

This solution can be fitted to trailers including multi axle trailers and trailers with different wheel configurations and dimensions.

How do the door sensors work?

The door sensors are magnetic sensors that identify when a door is opened or not shut properly. It uses a transmitter to report alerts back to the Trailer Premium platform

What is an Asset ID tag?

Asset IDs are fitted to the tractor units in the fleet and allow customers to understand which units are pulling which trailers.

What are the benefits of the Trailer Premium Solution?

Michelin's new Trailer Premium solution is designed to provide the tools and the insights operators and fleet managers need to easily manage day-to-day fleet and operations, as well as improve and transform operational effectiveness.

Trailer Premium also particularly focus on helping customers:

- Reduce costs

- Improve productivity and safety

- Ensure compliance across fleet operations.

Can the system be defitted refitted?

Yes it can - the in-life options will be listed on the contract you sign and further information can be sought from customer services

Who is responsible for fitting the TPMS equipment?

At present, the TPMS is self install only. This means that you need to arrange with your local tyre service agent to have the TPMS sensors fitted as we are still rolling out managed fitting of the TPMS sensors. Your contract price will be adjusted to reflect the cost of self installation

How long does the installation for Trailer Premium take as standard?

The fitting and configuration of the EBS and TCU (Telematics Control Unit) should take around 90 minutes per trailer based upon a standard trailer setup. This can vary with different specifications of trailer.

I have cold chain trailers, can this work on my trailer?

This solution can be fitted to cold chain vehicles and an integrated Trailer Premium Cold Chain solution will also be available.

What industry standards does the Trailer Premium solution meet?

The Trailer Premium solution meets ADR certifications, it is IP (Ingress Protection = waterproofing) certified as IP67 and also meets ISO standards for Cold Chain. Currently, it is not cleared for ATEX certification.

Why do you use internal TPMS rather than external TPMS?

We recommend internal TPMS because they capture the temperature on the rim as close as possible to the braking system and they are better protected internally (no risk of theft and less breakage). There is also no risk of damage to the valve (unlike external sensors) and it avoids the risk of incorrect and false readings from externally mounted TPMS.

Does the Trailer Premium have track and trace included?

Yes, as part of the core functionality of the solution, trailer geolocation is included.

How often is the data updated

The technology in Trailer Premium sends data every two minutes whilst driving. When stationary, the data is transmitted much less frequently to preserve data and battery with one ping being sent every 3 hours for the first 3 days of inactivity and then 1 data sync per day for the next 30 days.

What if the vehicle has no connection to a mobile network?

If the trailer is going through an area with poor or no mobile signal, then data will still be collected and stored and then synchronised once the vehicle moves into an area with adequate signal

What about data and privacy policies?

All data is protected under GDPR and this covers all elements such as data storage, cookie use and data retention

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