Pulse user guide

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Connecting your vehicle

With the engine turned off, plug the Pulse device into the 12v outlet in your vehicle. Please choose an outlet that is not required for other reasons, as the device requires an uninterrupted power supply that is clear of obstructions to accurately record your journeys.

We recommend the outlet located closest to the center console or gear stick for the best performance. Outlets located in the boot of the vehicle are not recommended, as this can impact the signal from device to satellite.

Once the engine is running, Pulse will automatically search for GPS signal, establish a connection and start tracking. It may take about a minute before the device actually transmits its first status message. It may take longer if the device has not been used for a while because the internal battery will need to recharge first.


Unplug the Pulse device to mask private journeys to your company.

If you forget to unplug the device or need to record all journeys for tax purposes, you can classify recorded journeys after the fact as private and mask them in Masternaut’s platform through the SmarterDriver mobile application.

Pulse LED lights

The device lights indicate device status and will change as follows:

  • NO LIGHT: There’s no power being supplied to the device.
  • FLASHING: The device has power and is initialising.
  • CONSTANT: The device is ready to track the journey.

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