What do I do if none of my Vehicles are doing a remote download on Tachofresh?

Updated by Michael Smyth

Remote download will only work for vehicles with compatible tachographs

The remote downloads on Tachofresh happen automatically on the Tachofresh system as long as you have the following pre-requisites:

  • Tachofresh logged in
  • Tacholistener running
  • A compatible USB smartcard reader
  • Company card inserted into the card reader
  • Have the company card registered and validated
  • Vehicle/s have the ignition on


For security reasons, a timeout occurs after 7 days

If you have noticed that none of your vehicles are automatically downloading, please check that Tacholistener is running (This can be checked by looking at the colour of the arrow on the TachoFresh page. If it is blue it is running)

The arrow may be showing blue however it may have timed out and will need a reset.

To reset Tacholistener follow these steps

Once you have reset the Tacholistener the downloads should start coming through. If they have note, please contact the customer support team

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