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What is the purpose of the Driver page?

The "Driver" page in Connect allows you to create and configure drivers for your fleet.

If your vehicles are always assigned to the same drivers: you can assign a default driver to the vehicles in your fleet via this page.
If you use the Michelin Connected Fleet key fob identification system: you must associate each key fob to each driver via this page.

Where can I find the Driver page?

  1. First click in the main menu (on the left-hand side of the page) on “Settings Alerts & Locations”  button
  2. Second click in the secondary menu (top of the page) on the category “Drivers” button

The "Drivers" page allows you to setup the drivers for your fleet.

Create a new Driver

  1. To create a new driver, select "Create‟ from the top right of your screen. This will open the Create Driver box.
  2. Enter the drivers name and assign them to the relevant group
  3. Then click "Save".

Your newly created driver will then be saved to the Driver List.

Update or delete existing Driver

  1. To edit or assign a Vehicle or ID key to a Driver, click the "Actions‟ button on the line the Driver name appears on.

Then select the required option :

  1. Enable as User
  2. Link to Existing User
  3. Change Name: Use to correct a Driver's name – Do not use for renaming to a new Driver
  4. Change Group: Assign a Driver to a different group
  5. Edit Vehicle: Permanently assign a Vehicle to a Driver if Driver ID is not used
  6. Edit Key assign the Drivers Key Fob number if Driver ID is used
  7. Manage tags: To add tags to drivers
  8. Deactivate: Deactivating a Driver moves them to the "Show Deactivated Drivers‟ section at the top of your screen. Any associated Vehicles or ID Keys will then become available to be reassigned
The ‘Actions’ button also allows you to edit any of the driver information and also to deactivate them. This keeps all of their historical driving data, but removes them from the active database. Accidentally deactivated drivers can be reactivated.
In order to use the driving behaviour feature, drivers must be identified on the vehicles they drive. Thus, your drivers must use a Key Fob or be associated to a default vehicle.

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