Fuel card: Import of Fuel Card Transactions

Updated by Bob Medlin

Due to sensitive nature of information access to feature is restricted to users with advanced rights

Import fuel card transactions held in a CSV file

Import file

Please use the following instructions in order to import your fuel card data into Connect so that you can start benefitting from the features available.

Fuel card data must be imported using the exact format of the example file; fuel transaction reports cannot be imported using alternative formats

The example file contains all of the columns that must be on your import file:

  • All mandatory columns must contain relevant data
  • All optional column names must be imported but they do not have to contain data (the column can be left blank)
  • The sequence of the column order cannot be amended

If your fuel card report contains additional columns that do not appear on the Masternaut example file format, please remove them

Please note if Allstar or Keyfuels are your fuel card provider, please contact our Customer Service team as they may be able to automate the import of your fuel card transaction data into the Connect portal.

Import File Field Formats

The following table describes which columns are mandatory and must contain data, and which column headers must be on the file but whether they contain data is optional.

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