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Email subject: [Company Name] is installing telematics

To all [company/organisation name] employees:

We’re excited to announce that [company/organisation name] will make our vehicle fleet ‘smarter’ by installing telematics. Telematics refers to technology that connects vehicles to the internet, and it is becoming an industry standard for fleet management.

Using real-time data and insights, telematics allows us to [choose appropriate benefits from the list] provide better customer service, increase fuel efficiency, improve driver safety, and lower CO2 emissions. We’ve chosen Masternaut and their market-leading platform ‘Masternaut Connect’ as our fleet telematics system.

Masternaut Connect will help our business to:

  • Reduce customer waiting times, as vehicles are routed more efficiently
  • Provide customers accurate arrival times
  • Provide an audit trail for our customers to verify deliveries and/or time spent on site
  • Identify the nearest vehicle to a job without hassling all drivers in an area
  • Easily send the closest colleague to you should you need assistance
  • Identify opportunities to improve employee welfare and safety through training
  • Increase fuel efficiency through improved routing and better coaching
  • Lower CO2 emissions through reduced fuel usage
  • Simplify reimbursement by tracking private / business mileage

How does telematics work?

Each vehicle will be fitted with telematics equipment that collects information like [choose information from the list] MPG, speed, and GPS location. Masternaut Connect then processes that information in real time and provides insights that enable our team to run a smarter business.

Why did we choose Masternaut Connect?

As a pioneer of the telematics industry, Masternaut has over 20 years of experience in providing vehicle tracking solutions to businesses like ours. Their customers avoid over 300 accidents and reduce their CO2 emission by 230,000 tonnes each year with the same solution we’ve installed.

When will installations happen? How long will they take?

Installations will happen over the next several weeks, and we will contact you individually with more details. [If interface bar purchased] The installation will include an interface bar that sits on your dashboard and provides Driver ID, privacy button, and/or in-cab coaching. Most installations take 1-2 hours, depending on complexity and vehicle type.

If you have any questions please contact your managers and [Insert Appropriate person here]


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