How do I add a a company card onto Tachofresh?

Updated by Michael Smyth

There are 2 options for adding a new company card on to the Tachofresh website.

  1. If the company card is a new version of a card that is already on the website, then good news is that you will not have to do anything. As when you do a remote download with the new company card inserted in the card reader, the card will show on the website once the download is complete.

  1. If you have received a completely new company card (completely different number) then you will need to do a manual upload of a vehicle file with the new company card, so that that card number is linked to the vehicle. Once you do the manual download the new company card will be visible.

In order to link the vehicles to the new card and have successful Remote Downloads, you will have to ensure that the card and vehicle are linked by inserting the acrd into the vehicles Tachograph

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