Tacho Notifications for Michelin Connected Fleet Customers

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To continue the improvement of our Tachograph services, we can now offer configuration of alerts to allow emails to be sent to notify recipients on drivers times infringements, according to the EU regulations

The alerts can be set by

  • alert types: exceeded driving times alerts, exceeded working times alerts, insufficient rest alert
  • severity: based on ranges of durations as defined in the EU Driver times regulation (fines).
  • and be sent to different entered email addresses.


Simple and efficient way to alert the right person or team within your organisation, according the severity as defined by the European regulation

Be able to act quickly and mitigate the possible financial impact related to the infringement

Increase your compliance to the EU regulations


The alerts can be fully configured by your Customer Experience Manager

  1. Your Customer Experience Manager (CXM) will complete the following spreadsheet with you.
  2. For each type of alert you can decide on the severity level before the email is triggered.
  3. For each type of alert you can also decide who within the organisation will be notified in case you need certain alerts to go to certain people.
  4. Once completed, your CXM will set these up for you.  
  5. Please get back in touch with them if you wish to edit/add/remove any alerts or notifications.

Please keep in mind that the provided notifications come from the Tachograph
The provided notifications are subject to the tachograph version:
  • From Stoneridge release 7.4 and DTCO 2.0
  • Designed to provide mandatorily the Exceeded Continuous driving times alerts
  • Other alerts are optional. More recent tachographs enable more alerts.
Severity levels are based on the EU Driver Times regulations and can’t be customised

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