How to install your M210 OBD tracking device

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  • Failure to comply with the following Warnings, Approval and Safety information may invalidate warranty, certification or type approval of this product.
  • A 2 cm separation distance between unit and the metal structure of the vehicle must be maintained at all times.
  • Unauthorized modification to this equipment or associated accessories is forbidden without the expressed permission and agreement from the product manufacturer.
  • This equipment should not be operated in hazardous environments i.e. areas that contain explosive materials or flammable vapors.
  • This equipment should not be operated within aircrafts or in close proximity to medial equipment.
  • This equipment may only be located in a position where it cannot interfere with the normal operation of the vehicle or present a hazard to the driver or passengers.
  • Care must be taken in the routing of all cables so that the insulation does not become worn or damaged.
  • Please take care not to mount the unit under compartments that are on the top of dashboards.
  • All installation and service work must be carried out in accordance with FCS1362, FCS1372, RQAS, and Thatcham Recognized Installer, 95/54/EC, ISO 21609 and/or any other statutory guidelines or Directives currently in force. Therefore it is strongly recommended that the unit is installed and commissioned by suitably trained and qualified installation personnel with MICHELIN MyConnectedFleet accreditation.
  • Unauthorized changes or alterations to the equipment or the installation will invalidate certification issued by the Approved Accreditation Bodies and may also affect the vehicle manufacturers warranty.
  • Under no circumstances may any part of the product be installed inside the engine compartment area.
  • If you are choosing to install the M210 tracking device yourself, please ensure that you have read this manual thoroughly referring to any supplementary information provided for the unit as required.



  1. Validate that the vehicle you are installing the M210 tracking device matches the vehicle details on your My Connected Fleet portal.
  2. Record the serial number of the unit as well as the registration of the vehicle for your records.
  3. Write the registration number of the vehicle on the box the unit came in, provide this to your account administrator who will be setting the vehicle up in your MyConnectedFleet portal.
  4. Call MyConnectedFleet support at 1-800-358-6178 if you have any questions.


  • The device can be identified by a unique serial number located on the barcode label on the side of the ODB unit.
  • The device has an internal GSM/GPRS antenna to transmit and receive data and an internal GPS antenna to validate the vehicle position, making it easy to install. The device must be installed in the cabin of the vehicle and installed in accordance with the Code of Conduct and MOP001 Audit Criteria. Under no circumstances must the device be installed in an area that is susceptible to water ingress.
  • Specific events that take place are also recorded, the most common of which are Ignition On/Off, Driving, Hard Braking and Hard Acceleration.
  • The device has a built in modem used to continuously send data via a secure network to the customer website via MICHELIN MyConnectedFleet's servers. The modem uses a standard mobile SIM card.
  • The device connects to the vehicle's OBD-II circuit to gather additional information from the ECU such as Engine RPM. The OBD-II circuit also provides the device with power.


The OBD-II port is a "D" shaped port that is usually on the driver's side under the dashboard. It will be located within 3 feet of the steering wheel. The port should be easily accessible by a person sitting in the driver's seat without the use of tools. The location will be stated in the vehicle manual or you may use this website:

If you are having trouble locating the OBD port, and do not have access to the vehicle manual or the website, look in the following places:

  • Under the dash (off side)
  • Behind the ash tray (center console)
  • Behind a small access panel in the dash (coin, or storage area off side dashboard)
  • In or around the center console
  • In front of the passenger seat


  1. Locate the OBD port and connect the unit,. Start the vehicle to allow the device to charge the internal battery enough to smoothly confirm the device is communicating the vehicle information correctly.
  2. Identify a suitable location to install the device. The device MUST be fitted:
  • Minimum 2 cm away from any metal structures
  • So it can be securely sturdily and can not move
  • So it does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle
  1. Secure the device in place.
  2. Any extension cable run behind panels MUST be secured with cable ties. Ensure that the cable does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle or servicing requirements of the dealership.
  3. Any extension cable run on the outside of panels MUST be secured to the panel with double sided adhesive tape.
  4. Once installation is completed, contact MyConnectedFleet support at 1-800-358-6178 to verify the device is reporting properly.

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