What is Camera MV + AI

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The MICHELIN Connected Fleet cameras utilize machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI) help drivers and fleet managers detect and correct distracted driving as it occurs.

About MV+AI

MV+AI is the combination of machine vision (MV) which recognizes driver behaviors and artificial intelligence (AI) which interprets what those behaviors mean. These technologies make the MICHELIN Connected Fleet camera solution a powerful tool to help keep drivers accountable and follow your company’s safe driving policies.

With the camera installed, the MV+AI technology uses the internal camera lens as a sensor. Data is collected when it is online and the vehicle is in motion. The data are analyzed to detect distracted driving events. Even if video recordings are turned off, distracted driving events can still be detected and audio alerts can be sent to the driver. If the driver continues their behavior, the event is uploaded to the cloud and based on your camera settings can be viewed in your MICHELIN Connected Fleet cameras account. This technology does not record personal information or biometrics. 

If you purchased the lens cover option, both recordings and lens as a sensor will not work when the cabin camera cover is in place.
MV-AI Events

The camera records all of the trips the vehicle takes, including idle minutes before the camera goes into standby which can be adjusted in your camera settings from 10 - 60 minutes in 5 minute intervals. These recordings are saved on the SD card and events are immediately uploaded to the cloud as video, snapshots, or notifications depending on the camera settings you enabled in your MICHELIN Connected Fleet camera account.

When the SD card runs out of free space, new recordings will start to overwrite older recordings. If you wish to retain a copy of older information, you must manually back up your SD card.

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