Drivers - Frequently asked Questions

Updated by Bob Medlin

How does the system benefit me?

Here are just a few of the many benefits of the system:

  • Reduce hassle by being able to provide customers updated ETAs and / or sending the nearest free vehicle without needing to call you for updates
  • Less time spent on the road through improved routing
  • Locate your vehicle and send the closest colleague should you need assistance
  • Identify opportunities to improve your welfare and safety through training or process changes
  • Provide an audit trail to verify deliveries and/or time spent on site in case of customer complaints
  • Simplify reimbursement by tracking private / business mileage
  • Lower CO2 emissions through reduced fuel usage

Wouldn’t the cost of MyConnectedFleet be better spent on other things?

The outlay and running costs of the MyConnectedFleet system is dwarfed by the savings we receive in terms of improved fuel efficiency, increased productivity, reduced vehicle damage, and lower insurance premiums. The average MyConnectedFleet customer saves $67 per vehicle each month. This number does not include any gains from improved customer service and customer retention.

Why have we invested in this system instead of advanced driving courses?

The MyConnectedFleet system is designed to improve driving styles and maintain that improvement over time. This helps enforce our "Safe Driver" policies. The system also ensures that all drivers have the same experience and the company is able improve driving styles across the fleet.

Are there historical logs of who logged onto the computer based system and whose trackers were checked during this time?

The Audit Log feature provides a record of all connections made to the MyConnectedFleet system and any changes made to Users, Vehicles, Drivers and Groups (creation, editing, deleting). This feature does not track if specific vehicle(s) / driver(s) / report(s) were checked.

How long is this information collected from the telematics system being stored?

MyConnectedFleet is storing GPS tracking data for the life of our contract on their system. Time retention will be 6 months for ELD data, and 90 days for any recorded camera events triggered in the platform.

I have to idle for my job role, will this system penalize me?

Idling is a fact of life, vehicle operations and everyone acknowledges that - and everyone acknowledges there will be seasonal variation. However, we have two extremes: always turning off the vehicle, or never turning off the vehicle. The trick is to use common sense and experience to judge when you can and when you cannot turn off your vehicle.

Will the system trigger the In Cab Coach on bumpy roads?

The MyConnectedFleet system uses CANbus and GPS technology to calculate the harsh events, these are unaffected by the road condition.

What data is sent when a driver activates “private mode”?

Where private mode is activated by the driver, data is still recorded from the device and sent to the platform managed by MyConnectedFleet, however, neither the company or the driver can view this information. Data gathered while private mode is enabled, will only be made available by MyConnectedFleet if written consent is provided by the driver.

I forgot to press the private button: can I activate it while driving?

No. You have to stop your vehicle in a safe place, turn off your engine and then press the private button.

In private mode, if I turn off the engine is my vehicle visible?

No. In private mode, if you turn off your engine, the vehicle will remain in private mode until the next time the engine is turned on without activating private. If you want to stay in private mode, press the private button before your next journey.

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