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What happens if I exceed my SMS quota?
  • An Exceeded quota email is sent to ALL users that have been defined as Administrators. The email is received in the language set for the admin user.
  • No more SMS will be sent until the 1st date of the following month
  • In Alert History, you can see each mobile number that was not sent the SMS
How do I  increase my SMS quota? 

Contact your Sales Account Manager  to order an extra SMS bundle (e.g if you have already purchased the ‘30 SMS bundle’ but want ‘60 SMS’ per vehicle you should place an order for an additional 30 SMS, for your remaining contract term. 

What happens if the mobile number is incorrect?

Connect will attempt to send the SMS alert to the entered mobile number provided it has the required country prefix and number of digits. 

A SMS alert sent to an incorrect mobile number will still be deducted from the SMS quota.

What language will be used for the SMS alert text?

The SMS text is in the language defined for the user that created the alert. 

Are accented characters allowed?

Accented characters, for example ç, °, ê are supported provided the number of SMS characters in the SMS is less than 70 characters. 

If there are more than 70 characters, these characters are removed. 

Does any unused credit get carried over to the next month? 

No, it is not possible to carry it over to the next month. 

If I add multiple recipients into the alert, does that use one, or multiple SMS from my quota? 

Multiple. For example if an alert is sent to 5 mobile numbers, that will use 5 SMS. There is no limit to the number of mobile phone recipients.

What time will the SMS be sent as I have employees who cannot be contacted out of work hours? 

The SMS is sent when the Alert is triggered. For example, if the alert “Out of hours alert triggers at 11:00pm, then the SMS will be sent at 11:00pm (or very close to 11:00pm). Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user creating the alert to ensure the SMS will not be sent to an employee outside work hours.

What is the phone number format?

The phone number has to include the country prefix e.g. +1 xxxxxxxxxx and is available for the following countries : 



Number of digits after prefix

United States









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