Email alerts

Updated by Bob Medlin

You can set email recipients to receive event alerts for specified dashcams.

Setting email alerts

  1. Log into Michelin Connected Fleet Cameras Portal and from the navigation bar, click 
  2. Browse to the relevant dashcam and click the settings cog.

  1. The Event Settings dialog box opens.

For the relevant event, click Configure Email Alerts.

  1. The following window pops-up:
  1. Enter a single email address and click ADD.

The email address is added to the list of recipients in the same dialog.

  1. Enter additional email addresses as necessary.
  2. Click the trashcan icon to delete any of the recipients.
  3. When finished, click SAVE.
    The email recipients are set, the dialog box closes and the main Event Settings dialog box refreshes with a confirmation that pops up for a few seconds at the bottom.

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