Set and manage your Camera Admin PIN

Updated by Bob Medlin

The default administrator camera PIN is 3333.

This PIN is publicly available in our support documentation and website knowledge base. To secure access to the dashcam, you should change the PIN for your dashcams.

To change the PIN:

  1. When you are in the parked vehicle with the parking brake on, the ignition on, and the door closed, press the touchscreen of the dashcam to view the PIN screen.
  2. Enter the default PIN 3333 to unlock the dashcam for the first time, or your own PIN subsequently.
    The screen unlocks and the menu appears:
  3. Press Settings.
  4. Scroll down to Change PIN.
  5. Insert four digits for a new PIN.
You can also set an additional PIN for the driver. See Manage PINs for drivers

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