Time at Location report

Updated 2 years ago by Olivier

Time at Location report shows the time spent by a driver, a vehicle or a group inside a group of pre defined locations over a period of time. The results identify entry date and time, exit date and time, total duration, moving duration, stopped duration, idling duration, overlapping locations.

Additional information can be added if required: entry location, exit location, number of stops, distance. If PTO is available then this can also be detailed.


Time at Location report enables to control and measure activities within locations

This report is not suitable for customers with T&E who change data from business to private!

Use case 1: Check idling and stop times at supplier locations :

  • Modify the report? Select relevant location groups and highlight just idling and stop columns
  • Subscribe to weekly e-mails

Use case 2: Control times > 8 min at customer locations:

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