Journey reports

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  • Journey report (detailed) displays information about the journeys taken by a driver, a vehicle or a group over a period of time.
  • Journey Report (detailed by vehicle or driver) enables to export same data as above sorted by tab of vehicle or driver.
    • It includes by default start/end dates and hours, shift time, moving, idling and stopped time, start/stop locations, distance, max speed and average speed.
    • Optional overnight stop time can also be displayed.
    • If PTO is available then this is also detailed.
    • Number of stops, Start/end odometer, Start/End coordinates can also be added.
    • Journey report enables our customers to monitor the journeys, justify time spent at Locations, or to prepare payroll/invoices...

Use case: Report stop time at location to manage the invoices

  • Customise the report by displaying stopped times column and filtering on location
  • Subscribe to monthly e-mails – Excel export with a separate tab per vehicle
  • If future modification: update the recipients list and the location if the equipment is assigned to another customer

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