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Masternaut Connect allows you to remotely collect up-to-date maintenance information straight from the vehicle’s electronic control system..

The scope of the service encompasses for cars and vans:

  • Engine Check
  • ABS malfunction
  • Oil temperature and Pressure
  • Water Temperature
  • Vehicle Servicing

Key benefits

  • Make your fleet safer with live maintenance data collected on the vehicle CAN bus.
  • Improve your maintenance planning with centralised faults and servicing information
  • Enrich your fleet administration system with maintenance data via Connect API

Access to the Maintenance Data Reports

Add the following features to the role that requires access to the Maintenance reports.

Admin > Roles > Reporting > Reports Library

Once added, the maintenance reports will be visible in the Reports Library:

Maintenance Due Report 

This report list all vehicles where a service due date is set. 

For each vehicle, the reports shows

  • The service due date
  • Distance to the service due date
  • Whether the service is overdue.

The Connect platform will automatically detect when a service has been completed on a vehicle.

Maintenance Fault Report 

This report list vehicles with faults and highlights the faults that are currently active.

For each fault, the reports shows:

  • The description of the fault
  • Date the fault was detected
  • Date the fault was no longer detected
  • The Odometer when the fault was detected
  • The Odometer was no longer was detected
  • If the Fault is currently active.
Note that Unknown Fault is reported if a fault is detected on for the vehicle but the nature of the fault has not been verified by Masternaut.
You can create a customised version of this report by adding a filter to list only those vehicles with active faults. And subscribe to automated daily / weekly / monthly email reports too!

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