Report on Out of hours/Working hours

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Benefits: An essential report to improve productivity, reduce mileage and unnecessary fuel consumption, reduce overtime, ensure that schedules are compliant with working hours etc.

View the journey activity of a driver, a vehicle or a group either out of or inside of a defined time range. Setup the same hours or different hours for each day, using ‘more options’.

Go to Report library and find the standard report named: Out of Hours / Working Hours Report (Detailed). Click on Create an email Subscription.

  • Add emails recipients for the report (1)
  • Select whether this report is for the entire vehicle fleet or a particular group (2)
  • Define whether you want to receive information about events outside of work hours or during (3)
  • Click on more option (4) to set up your week. For example from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday and no activity on Saturday Sunday.
  • Finally, configure the period and frequency at which you want to receive the report (5) and its format (6).

The standard report presents by journey:

  • vehicle registration
  • group name
  • driver name
  • Start date of the journey out of the defined hours
  • End date of the journey out of the defined hours
  • Shift time
  • Moving
  • Idling
  • Stopped
  • Start location
  • Stop location
  • Distance
  • Max speed
  • Average speed

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