Mass import: Connect users

Updated 2 years ago by Olivier

If you have many users to create at once, you can import them directly into Connect to save time.

Step 1 - Create your list of users

  • The file must be a CSV file format (in excel save as ‘CSV’)
    • A template has been provided as an example on Connect.
  • The users list must be the first worksheet (Sheet 1).
    • A CSV will only have one sheet.
    • If converted from an excel file there might be more worksheets
  • The users list must contains:
    • User name
    • Full name
    • Email
    • Role Name
    • Group Name
  • The sample file contains a top (header) row in the CSV. You should not remove this row. Place your first user in the row below.

Step 2 - Import your list of users

  1. Select ‘Import’ in the Users page
  2. Then click on "Browse" (1) in the import Users page
  3. Browse for the correct file
  4. Once you have chosen a file to import, you will need to specify the web user settings (2)
  5. Click on "Import" button (3)

Once the import is complete the summary shows:

  • Total records contained in the file
  • Total records imported
  • Total invalid records
  • There is also a section dealing with invalid records. Pressing the button highlighted below enables you to download the records that have failed.

This import method only allows the creation of users that do not currently exist on the system. Therefore it is assumed only new users will be added.

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